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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pregnancy: Part 7 - Showers

Hello all!

Rob, Baby T, and I were so blessed by sweet friends that wanted to host showers to help celebrate Baby T's upcoming arrival. What a blessing these sweet events were! They really helped Rob and I amp up and get excited about our little guy. So here's a quick recap of those :)

Our first shower was given by some sweet co-workers and friends of mine at First Baptist Academy, where I worked this past school year. The girls did such a great job, and Rob and I were overwhelmed with my co-workers' generosity and kindness towards us and baby. We were so thankful!

Super cute cookies, cupcakes, and decor. 

Food spread and centerpiece. Chick-fil-a nuggets were a major asset here for this pregnant gal. :)

Sweet hostesses, Catherine, Katheryn, and Katie. Thankful for these three and their friendship!

Rob was a champ and came to help open presents. 

Presents for our little guy!

Our next shower was one given by my besties and it was here in Houston. It was SUPER cute, and it was so fun to have all of my favorites in one room (that rarely happens!). They did such a great job with every single detail - the invitations, the food, drinks, decor, and activities...everything was perfect. The theme was "Monograms and Mimosas," so everything was centered around little guys initials. So, so cute!!

Sweet hostesses and some babies thrown in there... :)

Food table and diaper cake. The food was so yummy!!

They did such a great job on the cute decor

Super cute drink table

Loved opening all of his presents with monograms...so fun!

Sweet friends...


My sweet mom came in to help celebrate.

So, so thankful for these friends and who they are. Not sure what I would do without them! 


Our last shower was given in my hometown. It was a huge blessing to have some women that really helped raise me there.  It was so fun to see everyone again, and we were so blessed by everyone's generosity. 

Sweet ladies.

High school friends! And our moms walked the track while we were both in utero. :)

Love these two! Thankful they came!

Rob's mom, Rob and I. Again, he was such a trooper!

Teaching friends from my first year of teaching. 

My mom and I accidentally matched...down to the floral lace shape. Oops!

T loves his Auntie Lo! haha

Three of my hostesses. Unfortunately missed snapping a pic before a few of them left!

It was such a fun day, and we drove back to Houston with a VERY full SUV. Thankful, thankful!

Rob's work wanted to throw a shower, but we decided to have a "sip-n-see" (if that's even possible in a male-dominated oil and gas company) just in case little man made an early arrival. Now that we are nearing his due date, I know we should have just had it, but it will be fun to let the little guy meet all of Rob's co-workers after he is here.

We have been so showered with love and generosity as we near his arrival, and we are truly thankful for all those that the Lord has placed in our life in this stage. We could not feel more loved and supported as we jump off into this next phase!

More soon!

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