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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 20 of 2011

Hello all!

We have had a busy, busy few weeks, but this time of year is always just a blast. Last year I did a post similar to this one, here. Last year was so jam packed with big life events that I had to do a top 20 :) This year has slowed down {a bit} as we have settled into our lives together. I thought I might be able to do a top 10 this year, but I just couldn't. Too many good memories would have been left out. Alas, here it is.

Top 20 events from 2011:

20. Celebrating Annie and Jeff at their wedding in December and seeing lots of great friends. There were SO many great people packed into that one room. :)

19. Rob taking me on a date to my first hockey game ever. He forever ruined me, as we sat on the first row...so much fun!!

18. Going back for the first time to the venue where we got married to celebrate Sarah and Matthew. Perfect night :)

17. The Houston Rodeo is always a favorite of ours. We got to go several times this past year and it never disappoints.

16. Surprising Johnna Beth for her birthday celebration, complete with a cake from the one and only, Lauren Prewett!

15. Spending a weekend with my favorites in Galveston for Labor Day. Such a great time of relaxing, laughing, AND setting the condo kitchen on fire... :) 

14. Our Aggie football addiction ranks pretty high for this past year. Don't let me deceive you, we lost A LOT of our games, but we still had a blast. 

13. Celebrating Rob's 28th birthday at Tiny Boxwoods with great friends. He is such a joy to me, and I loved seeing him surrounded by all those that he holds dear. He's a pretty good reason to celebrate!!

12. Rob booked us a weekend at the Houstonian right before school started so that we could relax (and quit doing school stuff for 24 hours!) and it was just perfect. I am so blessed to be married to man that knows his wife well and knows what I need. It was wonderful. 

11. My first scuba diving experience in Playa del Carmen... I must say, right after we got off of the boat, I wasn't a huge fan of scuba. I was cold, a little nauseous, and still kind of jittery. However, after I let it sink in a bit, I realized that it really was super cool. 

10. Celebrating my 27th with all of my favorites. What a great night!

9. Completing the "World's Most Beautiful Hike" with Rob and my in-laws in New Mexico. The sights were pretty incredible.

8. Going on an alligator tour on our first trip to NOLA was definitely another highlight for the Williamses last year. :)

7. Rob and I hosted Price and my mom at our house for Thanksgiving before we headed to the A&M game in College Station. It turned out really well!

6. The Balloon Festival in Albuquerque was another high ranker last year. Thankful for the opportunity to go. Breathtaking!

5. Our second trip to NOLA last year was a blast. And the segway tour we took on the last day...perhaps it was that Rob and I were super competitive and were trying to knock each other off the whole time or perhaps it is supposed to be that fun. Not sure, but we had a blast.

4. If you know Rob and I at all, you know we love playing tennis together. Naturally, winning some hardware in our favorite tournament, the WOTT, was a blast for us this past year. 

3. Celebrating THREE years together with this guy ranked pretty high on my list last year. We went to the same restaurant in Houston where we had our first lunch date and it was so much fun. What a lucky gal I am!

2. Celebrating ONE year of marriage in Playa del Carmen with this guy was truly a gift. It is wonderful how much you can grow together in just one year.  The week was perfect (and our resort was gorgeous)! :)

1. AND, the number one favorite of 2011 would have to be the day we purchased our first home together!! It was followed by way too much sweat during the moving in process (moving - in Houston - in July...who's idea was that???), but July 21st was just wonderful. :) It still needs a lot of work, but it is so great to come home every day to our own place. We love our little bungalow!

It was certainly not a shabby year for the two of us. I remember in my post like this from 2010 I said that I wasn't sure how that year could be topped. I would say 2011 held its own! How can 2012 even kind of compare? I have a feeling it will bring its own surprises and priceless memories. Can't wait to see all that it has in store. :)

More soon,

Monday, January 16, 2012

27th Birthday

Well, another year is tacked onto my age. I'm not sure at what age you start not looking forward to getting older. Maybe 30? I'll let you know when I get there. I'm finding, however, the older I get, the more fun things are. Yes, there are responsibilities, more bills, more things to keep track of. But all that aside, this is just a really fun stage in our lives and I am loving where we are right now.

My birthday for the past few years has been a little difficult, mostly because my dad's passing happened the day after my birthday 2 years ago. It never fails that around my birthday I find myself a little more teary and a bit more sensitive. Rob has done a great job of loving me through these tougher times. He is so patient with me.

Anyway, I have never liked working on my birthday, but this year I did. I actually had a good time at work. My kiddos were sweet and my coworkers made my day super fun. That night my mom came into town and she and Rob and I went to my favorite fajita restaurant in Houston, El Tiempo. You just can't beat those margaritas and fajitas. :)

The next morning, Rob and I went to our neice, Annalise's, birthday party. She was so proper about eating her cupcake...it was precious.


She did NOT like getting dirty. :)

After we got back, my mom and I headed out to get manis and pedis and run a few errands. It was good to have her here. That night we had some of our friends over for some dinner, drinks, and hang out time.

The BEST part of my night, however, came just before everyone else got to the house. Lauren, Trevor, Sarah, and Johnna Beth came over a little early since they came in from out of town. Lauren asked me to go ahead and open my birthday present, and look at what it was!!  I had JUST finished putting on makeup and had to redo it all. :) What wonderful news!!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Prewett in May!

Below are some good pics from the night. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with me!

My mom and "little" brother. So glad they were here with us.

Little Bishop loved hanging with Jonah. Too bad I didn't get any pics with his mom or dad. :(

I have the most fun coworkers a girl could ask for. :)

My besties. Thankful they were all able to come into town! I am one blessed girl.

My mister. He was an excellent host. Thanks for all of your hard work, boo!

The next morning, Rob and I headed to brunch with JBK and Sarah before they headed out of town. Glad we got to catch up a little bit more. Love you both.

I must say, it was a fun weekend and I am thankful for all those that helped make it that way. Here's to another great year!

More soon,

P.S. I'm pretty sure that since this event occurred in October (terrible, I know), I am going to do a huge post soon catching up on all the events I have yet to blog about. That one coming soon. :)