"...and the greatest of these is love."   1 Corinthians 13:13

Friday, April 30, 2010

Engagement Pics...

We had an incredible day shooting our engagements in March with our wonderful photographer, Nikki Peterson.  We had a blast playing around in downtown Boerne, and then we headed to a field nearby to get some nature shots.  We absolutely love her eye and what she has done with the photos.  We can't wait for her to shoot in July!  

Here are just a few shots from the day.  

More soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

And so our blogging journey begins!  We cannot wait to share with you all of the happenings of the Williams crew to be!  

Wedding planning is in full force.  Venue, dress, cake, caterer, all have big check marks next to them.  We have had a great time thus far, although there have been a few stretching moments!  Planning a wedding in less than 4 months is a task...but totally worth it.  We wouldn't want it one day later than it is.  July 10th will be a wonderful day and we can't wait to share it with some of our favorites!

  I will share a few pics from the past month or so.   


Looking around for a venue...

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary...what an incredible year :)

We are so excited! Countdown as of today - T minus 72 days.  It can't get here fast enough.  More soon!