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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting Crafty

Good morning all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration! We spent ours at the ranch with Rob's parents and had a great time. Jonah thoroughly enjoyed himself and tried as hard as possible to get as dirty as ever. I'll post more on our weekend later.

Just wanted to post a little about some of the projects Rob and I are working on for our new house! Everything is going smoothly, so July 20th still looks like the magic date! We can't wait :)

I wanted to make a cork message board for our kitchen since we will have some big wall space to fill in our kitchen. I saw these boards from Restoration Hardware and loved them. (I'm also going to make a smaller chalkboard to go in the kitchen as well...I'll post when I finish!) Obviously I couldn't make one as large as those for our little house, but I wanted to try. We took our first of MANY "first home" trips to Home Depot and bought all of our goodies. :)

We decided to take it all to the ranch to work on it since it would be messy to do in our apartment. We were glad Rob's dad was there to help out as well. And of course we couldn't have done it without our #1 cheerleader... :)

Here are the steps that we followed.

First, we cut the tag board to fit the size we needed.

My handyman... :)

We then cut the molding to the appropriate angles so it would make a frame. (Harder than it seemed!!)

Next we cut and glued the cork down with adhesive (we used Liquid Nails) to the board and let it dry.

We then covered the cork with canvas and glued that down as well.

Last step was to frame the canvased cork with the molding and glue that down. We let everything dry for a good hour or so.

And...done! First project complete!

Hope to show you pics very soon of it in the new place!! :)

Happy Wednesday!

More soon :)