"...and the greatest of these is love."   1 Corinthians 13:13

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, today marks the 200th day that I have been married to my Rob Williams. That sounds like a ton, but it has flown by. What a ride it has been. I have never laughed so much, cried so many times...or loved anyone so much. It's really crazy to me that after knowing each other since 2003 and being together for a year and a half, I thought I loved him so much as I walked down the aisle. It is crazy how much my love has grown for him just in a little over 6 months... I love it.

So here's to 200 more, boo. Ok... lots more than that. :)

P.S. Does this not seem like forever ago??


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top 20 of 2010

2010 has been one of the most eventful and fun years of my life so far. I have had some major life changes and fun events this year. I decided to do a top 10 events in photos on my blog...turned into a top 20. This will probably be the only year that this is necessary! It was a big one!!! So here you are...my top 20 memories from 2010!!

20. Celebrating our 3 year tradition at the New Tech Christmas Party with friends.

19. My birthday celebration with good friends and favorite boy

18. My bachelorette party with some of my favorite gals

17. My favorite date night at Tony's.

16. Our wedding showers and spending time with such important people in our lives :)

15. Rob's birthday dinner at Fogo.

14. Playing in the World Oilman's Tennis Tournament together.

13. Picking out wedding venues together

12. The Texas vs. A&M game. Nice work, Ags!

11. Our engagement party in Boerne

10. Picking out our first apartment together in Houston

9. Dress shopping and wedding prep. I loved it!

8. Running our first half marathon together in Dallas

7. Doing Vegas together. Love traveling with him

6. Celebrating our one year anniversary

5. Celebrating our first Thanksgiving together. So. much. fun.

4. Our engagement photo shoot. Couldn't have had any more fun taking pics with my honey :)

3. Our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

2. Saying "yes" to forever :)

1. Celebrating our wedding day together with close friends and family. Best day :)

I can't imagine having a better year with some of my favorite people! Thankful for 2010 and all that it brought. Blessed beyond belief :)

More to come,

Merry Christmas to You

Hello blogger friends!

Well, it is a few weeks after Christmas, but I had to update on our Christmas this year. We have lots of fun memories to share together from this first Christmas break. However, I can't say that while we were packing in 80 degree weather in Houston, I didn't wish we were packing our bags for Cabo... a repeat of Christmas 2009, anyone?? Also, I couldn't help but think back to that trip. That was where Rob and I had our very first conversation about getting married. :) Let's go back!!

Maybe next year :)

With this Christmas being our first one at home without Dad, I was a little uneasy when I would think about how it would go. I definitely had shed a few tears leading up to our break just thinking about how different it would be. He added so much to our holidays, especially Christmas. I have many, many fond memories of catching him staying up at all hours of the night putting together toys, making every detail perfect for his kids. All of his traditions, his joy... Christmas was just a blast with Dad. Miss you much Pops.

However, I must say, whenever it started to sting a little, I couldn't help but remember each and every time we could feel the Lord guiding us and walking us through each and every stage of this difficult situation. I knew this would be no different. And I was right :)

Besides the "first" I just spoke about, it was also another important first...Rob's and my first Christmas together as husband and wife! I so enjoyed getting to share each and every part of this Christmas break with my honey and his side of our family. The statement is so true that when you marry, your joys are doubled. I cannot imagine spending another holiday without my man and all that he adds to my life.

Because I had two weeks off of school and Rob had to work a semi-normal schedule, I thought I might be bored out of my mind. It was quite the opposite! As soon as I got out of school, it was full steam ahead with Christmas shopping and prep. Man, it was a lot!! Rob was out of town that first weekend, so I got a ton done in those couple of days. As soon as he was back, I got to have a few lunch dates with him...I love those! I think they are so rare and are so few and far between, it makes them a blast. I loved our time together over the break. That was, by far, the BEST thing about the break. We shared a fun date night at one our new favorites, Shade, in the heights right before we left. I will always cherish those nights :)

On Wednesday, we began the tour to see all of our crew. We got to see almost all of our immediate family on both sides, and that was such a blessing. We started out in Boerne to visit Nana and Uncle Jeff. It was great to get to spend some time with them.

The next day, we headed to Kerrville (after stopping at Bumdoodler's of course!) to see my family. Austin and Laura were in from Maryland, and it is always a treat to get to spend time with them. The guys went hunting almost twice every single day, and the girls enjoyed sitting by the fire, shopping, and catching up. Good food, good convo, and some intense game nights...sounds like a normal Maxwell Christmas to me!

Mom and her kiddos.


Us. :)

We stayed there until Sunday morning and then we headed back to Boerne to celebrate Christmas with the Williams and Hemati crew. It was a short trip, but it was wonderful. Our two nieces, Claire and Annalise, were super cute. Christmas is just much more exciting with little ones :) We enjoyed our time with them.

The Williams siblings :)

That afternoon we headed back home to Houston. Even though we had a blast hanging out with our family, it felt wonderful to be back home. Our apartment is super temporary, but it is so incredible that we feel so settled in and cozy in our small place. I absolutely love that our first place is here. Such sweet memories :) Here are some of the decorations we put up for our first Christmas together.
Our first Christmas tree and "hearth" with stockings :) Don't worry, Santa understood.

I had to get us an ornament like this one. I can't wait to decorate our tree in years to come and stop and reminisce!

Another of my favorite ornaments that we put on the tree this year. Rob's parents gave us a few ornaments from their tree. Isn't he the cutest thing?? If we have boys, I hope they look just like their daddy!

And speaking of our little guy...

He practiced lots before Santa came :)

Rob headed back to work that next day. More relaxing, running errands, lunch dates, etc. ensued that next week. It was nice to have such a relaxed schedule. Working out, taking Jonah on walks, keeping up with laundry and cleaning, getting things done that I have been wanting to get done for a long time. I loved it. I decided that if it works out to stay at home when we have kids, I will be more than willing to do so. I'm not pretending that I will have that much time when I have a little one to take care of, but I will definitely volunteer for the job! :)

I headed back to work the following Tuesday. I can't say that I was ready to go back (and complained about it until I got in the car that morning). But as soon as those kiddos came into my room on Wednesday, I was quickly reminded why I am where I am. Even though my job is thoroughly exhausting and lots of work, I know I am meant to do what I do. :)

May your new year bring you and yours lots of wonderful reminders of why God has you where you are.

More to come and lots of love,