"...and the greatest of these is love."   1 Corinthians 13:13

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi all!

So I know this is late (again!) but we just got internet at our new place installed on Friday. I can't wait to catch up all of your blogs. :) We have had a lot going on in the last few weeks with the house and with other things, too. I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can catch up with my posts, but school is just around the corner. Back to the monthly posts! :(

Anyway, Rob and I wanted to get away to celebrate our one year anniversary even though it was right in the middle of closing stuff. (Those boxes weren't going anywhere...) We really had an incredible time and would recommend Playa del Carmen to anyone that asks. I mean, how beautiful is this water??!?

Frankly, this vacay came at a great time for us. For those of you that don't know, Rob got a promotion at the beginning of the summer. He is now New Tech Global's Director of Marketing and Corporate Development. He had been busy trying to learn the ropes of his new role and also trying to keep his old position rolling as they have still yet to fill it. So it was great to have him all to myself for a whole week! We left on Friday, July 8th.

Happy to be checking in! :)

We arrived in Playa in the early afternoon, got settled in our room, and then explored the grounds of the resort. That evening, we decided to head into the city for drinks and a bite to eat. We grabbed our first fruity drink of the vacay (it was delish btw) and then walked along the beach.

We asked a man to take a picture of us and he insisted that we take a pic where we weren't just standing there...ha!

We got groceries that night and got all set up for the week when we got back to the resort. We had our first dinner of fish tacos (for those of you that don't know, we're both obsessed) and then headed up to the room for a relaxed evening.

The next day we went on an all day adventure that was a blast. We started out visiting the Tulum pyramids. The ancient remains were just incredible.

Can you see that little guy posing for us?

The remains backed right up to the ocean front, so we sneaked a pic there.

The rest of the day, we spent snorkeling in 3 different locations around the area. Our first snorkel was at the cenotes, which are underground caves filled with water. It was a really cool experience (but cold!). We had several flashlights and got to explore far back in the caves. After that we headed out into the ocean, where we got to swim with stingrays and sea turtles, which were my favorite. We actually got caught in a huge storm while we were in the ocean. We're talking lightening, big thunder, and heavy rain...it was crazy. Our 24 year old guide reassured us that we would be fine (Yeah, sure Enrique...) We did survive, but it was a crazy experience to say the least.

We grabbed some more delish fish tacos (and a marg, course) at a cute little restaurant on the bay after that. It was much needed.

Lastly we went to a lagoon in a national park where there were so many different types of fish. Rob could live all day in the water, so it was fun watching him enjoy the experience so much. We headed back to the resort after that and were so exhausted. We showered, ate dinner on the grounds, and had a movie night. It was a great first full day.

The next day was the 10th of July, our actual anniversary, and we decided to spend it poolside. We were both blessed to have such a positive wedding day experience, so it was fun to say the statement, "A year ago today we were..." all day. Such sweet memories :)

Our view all day...yes, please. Their pina coladas were to die for...

Two big sunburns later :), we headed to the room, showered, and got to watch the video that our good friend, Greg Boothe, put together for our rehearsal dinner. It was fun to watch it again. Thanks again, Greg!

That evening we went into town again for a nice dinner.

How cute is my date?

More fruity drinks :)

Can't wait to celebrate many more :)

We decided to just walk around downtown and enjoy some culture. And then... I found the spider monkey. How could I resist not holding this little guy?!? He was just precious!!

After a good stroll, we headed back to the resort and got to eat our cake topper. Yes, we CHECKED part of our cake topper in at the airport in Houston and it made it (in one piece) to our resort. This really is a whole other story on its own, but we were just so happy to have it. :) It was still yummy, dry ice packed and all!

If you were at our wedding, you know this payback was deserved... :)

After our cake we watched our wedding video for the first time. We are still so grateful for all of the friends and families that shared our day with us and made it so special. There were such sweet memories in that video...and a whole lot of booty shaking :) It was the perfect ending to our anniversary!

The next day we decided to spend in Playa. We shopped, smoked cigars (well one of us did at least), ate some yummy food, drank yummy drinks, and met the cutest little girl named Flor. I would have taken her home if I could have.

Rob and his cigar fellas.

Me and Flor...isn't she precious?

Playa has lots of bars with these swings as seats.

After a long day of walking around, we headed back to the resort and went for a night swim in one of their pools.

The next day was a big day in the Williams family. I got to try scuba diving for the first time :) Rob has gone several times and has been bugging me to get certified ever since we started dating. I just wasn't sure I would love it. (Actually, secretly I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like it.) I really enjoy snorkeling, but after about 45 minutes or so, I am ready to be back on land. I just wasn't sure about scuba. I am glad I tried it, but I think I can honestly say that I don't love it by any stretch. By the way some of the veterans that went out with us that day were talking, I know I won't get better conditions than were there. They said the water temperature and the clarity of the water combination are just unrivaled anywhere. I did get nauseous a little bit, but I think it was just a general lack of comfort that I experienced the entire time. I didn't like the idea of me being weighted down 40 plus feet under the surface of the water. And...I froze. I don't care what those other guys say...I was cold. And nervous. Pretty much the entire time. So, all that to say...it was beautiful, the fish were very interesting, the coral was stunning, and Rob had a blast. But I'll stay on land next time :)

Us on the boat after our first dive...

The next day we decided to take a 30 minute ferry ride to Cozumel. We enjoyed the ride over...there was a pretty legit band that sang the whole way over. I should have taken video of it. Thanks to my high school spanish, I understood about every 22nd word...thank you Senora Karthauser :)

When we got to Cozumel, Rob talked me into renting a motorcycle (I must have been one or three drinks in). He ate it up...kid in a candy store.

What was I thinking??

We snorkeled at one of the national parks where the snorkeling was supposed to be the best in the area. Chankanaab did not disappoint. Of course Rob spent the entire afternoon in the water. I finished a novel beachside with a drink in hand. It was a nice afternoon for all! :)

Us in front of the park.

We finished the afternoon at a well known bar called Wet Wendy's. Margs were in great form there. Loved it!

We grabbed another fish taco dinner that night on the resort and then hit the hay after a long day of exploring.

The next day, Thursday, was our last day on the resort. We decided to relax after all of our running around. Poolside was the only way to go. It was a nice end to a wonderful week. We can't wait to go back.

Happy ONE year to us! It was so much more than I expected. Love you boo! :)

We flew back on Friday and hit the ground running with house stuff, and we closed on that Wednesday.

Pics of the house coming soon! Much love to all!