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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Stuff Summer is Made of...

Hello all!

Well it's week 4 of summer and I seriously do not know where the time has gone! Wow, it is really flying! However, I finally felt it last week...it's the feeling all teachers dream of when we think of summer...free time to complete DIY projects, get organized, try new recipes, experiment with new furniture arrangements, become an expert at "fill in the blank," etc. Well, I definitely am no expert at anything yet, but I did experiment with a new recipe that I wanted to share. And who doesn't enjoy a good glass of sangria??

Let me first start out by saying that my preference for wines is always white. But I do enjoy a glass of sangria, as long as it is fruity. I found this recipe and was instantly attracted to it because of the mass amount of fruit that you're supposed to put in it. I was even a little concerned that Rob wouldn't like it, but he did.

So here goes...

"Summer Sangria"

- 1 bottle of red wine (preferably a fruitier one)
- 1 lemon cut in wedges
- 1 orange cut in wedges
- 1 lime cut in wedges
- 1 peach sliced
- 1 cup of sliced strawberries
- 1/2 cup of limeade
- 1/2 cup of sugar
- 2 cups of a sparkling white wine (I used a Prosecco)

Pour wine into a pitcher. Squeeze lemon, orange, and lime slices and then toss in the slices. Add in peaches, strawberries, limeade and sugar. Chill overnight or for several hours. Add white wine right before serving.

It's super simple and even more delicious. There is another version that I will try next time that uses white wine as the base wine. Looking forward to more experimenting. :)


More soon,

Friday, June 24, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Hello all!

I have been on summer "break" for 3 weeks now...and it feels like 3 days. This is an unfortunate feeling as I have been very ready for break, but it's great at the same time because...we're going to be HOMEOWNERS! :)

We have loved our apartment and its amenities, but after a year of being here we decided that we want to go ahead and buy a house. Our apartment has been perfect for us as we settle into Houston and decide where we want to plant ourselves. We are excited to have our own space and get our hands dirty with something that is ours :) Also, Jonah is very excited to be getting a yard!

We have been looking since about the beginning of March for a house and have gone with our realtor and looked at about 8 houses. We have changed our minds a million and a half times about location, size, priorities, style...you name it. BUT, after all of that discussion, we think we have finally found it! I think we must have had a pretty picky eye, because there was really only one other house that we were even remotely excited about. The first one that we were interested in, our realtor vetoed as soon as he got there. We are so grateful for his opinions and we trust him completely. If anyone needs a good realtor in Houston, we highly recommend Mr. Mark Brawley! Our humble abode will need lots of TLC (it's 92 years old!), but we are excited to see how it turns out!

Here it is!

Even though we still have a few more steps to go through to make it official (fingers crossed!!) and have to close before we get the keys, we can't wait. :) If all goes as planned, we will close on the 2oth of July and then be able to move in that weekend.

So even though my summer has been and will be consumed with trips to Kinkos (I went three times in one day last week...and no, I don't have a crush on the Kinko's guy :), boxes, packing tape, U-hauls, painting cans, and unpacking, it will ALL be worth it!

Can't wait to have space for visitors! :)

Love to you all!

More soon,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello, Summer!

Hello blogging world!

I hope you are all well and are surviving the heat!

I am thoroughly enjoying being finished with school and not having to commute. I have loved my students this year, and was truly blessed with an incredible set of parents that were supportive. Let's just say as happy as I was to see summer, there were many tears shed on the last day of school.

Even though I am enjoying getting a little bit of extra sleep, catching up on errands and doctors appointments, and crafting, I do miss those little stinkers. I find myself looking at the clock and thinking through what I should be doing (picking the kids up from lunch, etc.).

Below are a few of the fun moments from this year.

One of my favorites that I got to go see cheer.

A field trip the Museum of Natural Sciences.

One of my little Aggies and I sporting A&M gear for Jersey Day.

A visit from the reptile man...

A few of the games that I got to go see. Love my little athletes!

And the last day of school in our empty classroom.

I have been very blessed with an incredible group this year. Fingers crossed for next year!! But for now...more catching up on all of the things I have put off during the last few weeks of school!

More to come!