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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun in Austin

Hello all!

At the end of May, our family all migrated to Austin to help celebrate Price's graduation from the University of Texas. We were so proud of him and his accomplishments there, and we know Dad would have been too. Because Dad loved UT so much, I think it made the weekend a little bit touchy, but we couldn't help but know that he was grinning ear to ear with pride up there. 

UT's engineering graduation ceremony.

The fam.

The kids representing :) Whoop!


That night we went out to celebrate in true Austin fashion. It made me miss living in Austin with all of the energy that is there. Fun was had by all. :) The next morning, we went to brunch at Taverna and then headed to the UT baseball fields to watch the UT vs. Baylor game. It was hot, but the atmosphere is always fun at college baseball games. Rob and I really wish we could attend more A&M games, so it was fun to get another one in the mix. After the game, we headed to shower up and then go to dinner at the Oasis. If you haven't been there lately, they have added several new restaurants out there. One of them was a bar-b-q restaurant, so when Austin heard that, he couldn't pass it up.

You can take the boy out of Texas...

Sunset view from our table. 

That night, we just hung out at the hotel and enjoyed each other's company. The next morning, the guys headed out to play a round of golf. The girls went and walked around Town Lake and it was so fun to be there again. Ugh, I really miss that. We actually got to catch the end of the guy's golf game, which was really fun. We even got to see Austin get credit for his hole-in-one! It was a fairly easy course, but it was still something fun to celebrate. 

Right before we all headed out of town, we got to grab some P. Terry's burgers, which was one of Dad's favorites. I was happy that we all had such a positive weekend knowing that Dad would have wanted it that way. It certainly stung a few times, but we were able to really enjoy the weekend for Price. It really did make me see that the Lord has guided each of us in this season of our lives. We have all gone on in a healthy way without Dad and it is only through Him that we have been able to do so. We are so proud of you, Bub! 

More soon,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I've Done it Again...

Now that it is officially summer, I will hopefully get to catch up on a few blogs I have been meaning to write. We had a pretty busy Spring that FLEW by, but we loved every minute of it. :) Here's another quick recap. (Someday I will get to where I don't have to include 3 months into one blog post.)

As tough as this past school year was, I was extremely blessed by the friendship and camaraderie that my teammates gave me this past year. I am very thankful for them and for their friendship. I truly could not have done this past year without them. Below is a picture with some of my favorites from this year. With that said, I think I have forgotten to mention some very important news! In February, I was contacted by the headmaster of the lower school at First Baptist Academy in Houston. After several interviews and an unofficial offer in March, they offered me a first grade position, and I am happy to say that in April, I accepted! I absolutely cannot wait to begin my journey with the faculty there (I have only moved my stuff in and already I feel so welcomed). I have heard wonderful things about the school and cannot wait to be a part of their family. 

In April, Rob and I hosted Easter at our house. My mom, Price, and Rob's parents all made the trek to Houston. We enjoyed dinner on Friday with Price and my mom, breakfast with Rob's family on Saturday, and then the guys went and played golf that afternoon. Mom and I went on a long walk and shopped a bit. That evening, we went out for sushi. Sunday morning, we went to church and then headed back to our place for lunch. It was great to have everyone there. 

My "little" helper :) (I'm so happy he'll be in Houston this fall!)

Dyeing eggs...they were waiting so patiently!

Uncle Rob and Annalise...love that cheese.

Claire loved hunting for Easter eggs. 

Annalise, well, she just loved to run. Not so much for the Easter eggs. :) 

Uncle Rob loves his nieces!

Also in April, we celebrated our sweet Jonah's 9th birthday. He loved his birthday bone (and I'm pretty sure if you zoom in, you can see some drool). We took him out to dinner that night at a pet friendly restaurant, and he loved being out and seeing all of his friends. We just love him so much! Happy birthday, buddy!

With one of his new presents...he can't go anywhere without that bone now!

In May, we headed to College Station and checked out A&M's new baseball stadium. It looks awesome. We also had the rare opportunity to see one of A&M's pitchers throw a no-hitter. Pretty cool experience. 

Cheering on the Ags. Love being in CS with this one.

That evening, we attended a baby shower of our dear friends Jordan and Danny Morchat. She looked lovely, as always, and we are so happy to help welcome little baby Maxwell into the world in just a few weeks. It was great to see old friends that night. 

More coming soon!

P.S. Pretty soon here, I will get to post about my favorite new addition to my life, my (almost) niece, Isla Prewett. She is precious, by the way. I am going to give her mom a chance to blog about her first and then you will get to hear all about her on here! Can't wait!