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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pregnancy: Part 6 - Third Trimester

Hello all!

I am going to pick up with the third trimester in this post. The third trimester brought with it lots of rest and relaxation. Because I was finished with school, I had a lot of time to work on the nursery and prepare for little man's arrival.  It was really fun to be able to focus just on him and this next phase of our lives. I am so thankful for this time, as I think it has really helped me to transition and change my perspective about life and all that the future holds. I traditionally have a tough time with change, so I think that this time has been very healthy for me. Instead of just having to jump in right with baby after school was finished, I feel like I have gotten to ease into it. I truly think God knew I needed this time, so I am so thankful.

I continued to take weekly photos, and Rob and I tried to cram in all that we could in the way of trips and activities.  :) I really continued to feel great, so nothing was really off limits except for some physical limitations.

We spent time at the ranch with Rob's parents. 

We took an impromptu weekend to Austin to celebrate Rob's 30th birthday. 

(Lounging at the pool looked a little different this time...)

We visited Lake Amistad with my family for some fishing and relaxing. 

I missed week 31...

We even took a breastfeeding class together. Rob was...so...excited. :)

I missed week 35, too...

We also got to have our last sonogram at 35 weeks, and all looked well. I know I'm a little biased, but his cute little profile just makes me giddy with excitement to have him in the flesh. He is just so darn cute!

We also got to see a little bit of the 3D shot. Wow!! Getting to see his actual face structure took my breath away. I think he really looks like my younger brother, Price...which is crazy. But to me, they are little twins! I can't wait to see what he really looks like! Not too long now!

Rob and I have been taking full advantage of going out on lots of dates, getting out of the house, meeting with friends, relaxing at the pool, etc. It seems like everyone keeps telling us to "enjoy every second" of our time together without little man. We definitely are, but I feel like we have been really taking advantage of the time with each other for the four+ years we have been together, especially lately. :)  I know as soon as our little guy is here, I will be craving some time alone with Rob, but since that is all I have ever known, I feel like we are ready to welcome our peanut. Rob is beyond excited for him to be here...I think he's just excited about not having to give me back rubs each night. :)  He has been so, so supportive and accommodating, and he has really made me feel beautiful in this whole process of watching my body change so drastically. I absolutely cannot wait to watch him as a daddy to our little man. 

I am still feeling pretty good. We had an appointment on Wednesday and I am still 50% effaced with no dilation. I had a little meltdown at lunch when Rob and I were talking about our timeline. I think I was just expecting to have made a little more progress. There are days when I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever and ever. Then I will have days like yesterday, when I am not certain we are all the way ready for all of the changes that are about to happen. I just have to trust that he will come in God's timing and when he is good and ready!

More soon about our babymoon, showers and his nursery!

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